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Family Ecomap

Understanding the Ecomap

An ecomap is a visual tool used to describe the family's interaction with the larger community system. It is used to assess supportive and stressful linkages as well as linkages that need to be created.

Brickville Family Ecomap

Open your notebooks and answer the following (refer to the Genogram, as needed):

  • What family and community resources might be available to help Virginia Stone care for her mother?

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Create your own ecomap >>

Click here for a PDF of an ecomap template you can print out to draw your own.

Ecomap Key

An ecomap depicts sources of conflict and support for the client, represented by shapes connected by different types of lines.

  • fundamental, positive connection
  • stronger connection
  • neutral connection
  • indicated stress or conflict
  • the direction or flow of resources, energy or interest

Interaction Matrix

Use this tool to analyze relationships between key players