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View the Town

Brickville Map

Study the map of Brickville and the points of interest. Note the proximities and distances between the homes of the family members and the locations. This might give you an idea about some of the barriers and advantages that residents and workers have in accessing certain resources. Place any notes about what you observe in your notebook for future reference. Please note that not all resources are listed on the town map.

Hover over the icons to find the identity of each landmark. Click on the icon for more details.

Understanding your neighborhood and surroundings

  • Neighborhoods Brickville Plant Workers bought/rented

  • Dating back to the early 1800s, the area has been a residential community for generations of African-American residents who are low-income. The brick company recruited African-Americans from the south to move north to work in the brick plant, and built company housing for the workers and their families. Over the 170 years that the brick plant operated, some workers were able to purchase their homes, while other workers rented their homes from the brick company. When the plant closed down in 1973, company representatives told the remaining renters that they now owned their rented homes, since the company was going out of business. In fact, the titles were never transferred from the company to the families.

  • Predominantly White neighborhood

  • To attain better housing, schools, and economic opportunities, many residents have moved away from the neighborhood. White residents of Brickville include persons who are low-income, as well as ministers and lay individuals drawn to the community by their faith to provide solidarity and assistance to the poor. Other White residents include urban pioneers and young professionals with an interest in buying inexpensive, dilapidated homes, and rehabilitating them both to inhabit and sell.

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Town Color Key

Explore the Sociogram

Review the community sociogram for Brickville to see sources of conflict and support