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You, the Social Worker

Brickville Main Image

Social Work Background

You are a social worker who has been working for the Brickville Community Development Corporation (CDC) for three years. Your primary role is to: 1) facilitate a youth leadership development group; 2) provide assessment and referrals for job training and employment with youth and adults; 3) provide case management services for youth in community; and 4) facilitate a safety and security committee.

The situation in Brickville presents a multi-faceted challenge due to the multitude of relevant institutions and individuals involved. As a resident and a professional in the community, you are faced with decisions about your involvement in the community-wide issue, and tasked with assisting a family to navigate their personal challenges, and those that relate to the community-wide controversy.

You grew up in the same larger metropolitan area, but in the suburbs. You have a personal connection to the community situation, because you knew from your high school, the children of the developer, Logan Stifel. You personally feel torn about the redevelopment plan – you can see the merits to both sides of the controversy. You are unclear about what is truly in the best interests of the community, although you believe that the residents need to more fully realize their power to affect change in their community

Description of Agency mission, community credibility

You are employed at the Brickville CDC, a 35-year-old multi-service nonprofit providing a comprehensive network of educational, vocational, and community development programs for residents of Brickville. The agency serves approximately 4,000 children, teens and adults through more than 40 programs. On-site and neighborhood-based social, educational, and career services include: Head Start, after-school programs, summer camp, literacy, ESL, GED, and college preparatory classes, work readiness services, resident support, and family programs for children and adults. These services are funded by government grants and contributions from foundations, corporations and individuals.

The mission of the Brickville CDC is to help individuals and families access academic, economic, and civic opportunities that enhance their ability to strengthen their neighborhoods, succeed at school and work, raise healthy families, and become engaged members of their communities.

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Review the community sociogram.

Critical Thinking Questions

These core questions, specific to each client, will help you better understand and assess your client. Refer back to your answers throughout your assessment.

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