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Critical Thinking Questions

The NASW Code of Ethics mandates evaluation of your work with clients. Nevertheless, social workers are sometimes reluctant to engage in evaluation for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Evaluation takes away too much time from direct practice activities.
  • I don’t need data. I know in my heart when I am helping someone.
  • Evaluation is a waste of time because the information never gets used.
  • I’m not comfortable with numbers and statistics.
  • There are not enough resources to fund evaluation.
  • There are no evaluation instruments to measure the intangible things gained from social work services.
  • Evaluation instruments were not developed on the type of clients I work with, so the measures are not useful.
  • Administrators can use evaluation against me in reviewing my performance.
  • Open your notebook and give your response to each of these reasons for avoiding evaluation.

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