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Step 5: Coalitions

Create an intervention plan.

You, The Social Worker

Answer the following questions as they pertain to You.

  • Community Tasks: The community is an essential organizing unit in disasters and the level at which both immediate disaster response and long-term recovery occur. Collaboration with all the disaster players is essential. This includes traditional first responders as well as local government representatives, health care providers, schools, faith-based and religious organizations, community organizations and members of the community.

  • Stakeholders: Local, state, federal, private-sector, and non-profit sector: A stakeholder is defined as any entity – public or private, directly or indirectly affected – that has a vested interest in the outcome of a disaster. In disasters, there are many stakeholders to consider ranging from governmental entities to private corporations to community-based groups.

    Stakeholders fall into three categories: social groups (households, citizen groups, non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations); economic groups (area businesses, large and small), and political groups (governmental systems: federal (FEMA- Federal Emergency Management Agency, state-State office of Emergency Management, Transportation Agency or local-fire, police, public works, planning, etc.).

  • Who or what else is critical to accomplishing this goal? What role do they play in the life of the community? Do you anticipate any problems with these critical stakeholders?

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Your Quick Bio

You, the social worker, a resident of Hudson City, lives in the Westside neighborhood. You are also employed at Hudson City Community Services, a non-profit agency that provides services for individuals and families, located in the City Center. You are about to find yourself with dual roles, as both a community social worker and a city resident who understands your neighbors' concerns about the environment created by the recent hurricane.