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The RAINN Online Hotline (ROH) is a priviate nonprofit organization (501c3), funded primarily by donations as well as by grants and sale of RAINN merchandise on the website. Below is the RAINN 990 tax form showing income sources and volunteers. RAINN also provides ways to donate on their website:

Raiin Organization 990 Form

See the entire form at: http://www.rainn.org/images/donate/Form990_2011.pdf

Answer the questions below

  • In your notebook, using the RAINN Funding Federal Form 990, list how much of RAINN's funding comes from government grants? How much comes from other sources?

  • Using the RAINN Funding Federal Form 990, list RAINN's total revenue? Is this enough to cover all RAINN expenses?

  • Using the RAINN Funding Federal Form 990, list RAINN's total amount spent on lobbying? Do you believe RAINN should be involved in lobbying efforts? Why?

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