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Phase 1: Engage with the Client System

In the Engage phase, the social worker has two main goals:

  • Understand the development and structure of the organization

    This includes the rationale for development, administrative structure, funding, service delivery method, and collaborations necessary to create and continue the organization.

  • Understand the goals of the organization

    Goals are used as a basis for evaluation of the program. Evaluation must measure the extent to which the agency is meeting its goals.

Answer the questions below

As an introduction to RAINN, visit and explore the RAINN website.

Then, assess your own attitudes and beliefs about online services by filling out the Etherapy Attitude Scale.

  • How engaging do you find the RAINN website? Why?

  • How trustworthy do you find RAINN based on the website? Why?

  • How easy is it to find the information or services a consumer might need from RAINN?

  • What are your own beliefs about the effectiveness of online services? On what do you base these beliefs?

  • What do you need to know about economic and social factors in your community that influence individuals’ access to online services such as these? How could you approach outreach and building awareness in particular target communities, with an eye towards these inequities and how people affected by sexual assault may experience them?

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My Engage Tasks

Review the RAINN goals, Organizational chart and Components.

Review RAINN funding sources.

Examine your own attitudes about online services.