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Critical Thinking and Exercises

Critical Thinking

  • Would you refer a friend or client to the NSAOH? Why?

  • Overall, do you believe the NSAOH is effective? Why?

  • Only about one-third of users filled out the evaluation form. Why do you think that happens? How does that influence the results?

  • How should you operationalize “satisfied”? Would you define satisfied as a mean score of 4 or 5, or a mean score of 3 or higher? Why?

  • 16% of users are not satisfied with the ROH (Score of 1 or 2). What can RAINN do to find out why these users are not satisfied?


Use the visitor data to find the following:

  • What is the mean and standard deviation for each visitor satisfaction question? Also, show the means for this data in a bar chart.

  • What is the relationship between a visitors overall satisfaction and the volunteer’s knowledge and skills?

  • What percent of visitors have LOW (rating of 1 or 2) overall satisfaction?

  • What themes emerge from visitors’ qualitative comments about the NSAOH?

Use the Volunteer Data to find the following:

  • What percent of users are male?

  • Is there a difference between women and men in volunteer’s perception of helpfulness?

  • Do volunteers believe they are helpful in issues related to suicide?

  • Is there a relationship between the length of a session and the volunteer’s perceived helpfulness rating?

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