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Rainn Data Files

Use these data files to evaluate RAINN. Focus on both indicators of program effectiveness and data that is useful for program improvement. Download the RAINN data files in both SPSS format and Excel format.

SPSS Files

RAINN Visitor Feedback File

RAINN Volunteer Data File

Excel Files

RAINN Volunteer Data

RAINN Visitor Feedback

Answer the following questions

  • From the session evaluation data, find what percent of users agree (4 or 5) that the online hotline is easy to use.

  • From the session evaluation data, what is the relationship (correlation) between ratings of Volunteer’s Knowledge/Skills and Overall Satisfaction?

  • From the volunteer survey data, find the percent of volunteers who believe that there session was not useful to the user (score of 1 or 2).

  • From the volunteer survey data, is there a relationship between the user’s gender and volunteer’s rating of overall usefulness of the session? Use a t-test to find out.

  • Write two research questions that can be answered with the data. Use the data to answer your questions.

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