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Phase 3: Create and Implement an Intervention

In order to evaluate RAINN, it is necessary to understand how RAINN provides its intervention services. RAINN provides interventions through its website. These include:

  • Text-based information

    Information about sexual assault issues is designed for public education and to overcome feelings of isolation among victims of sexual assault.

  • Advocacy

    On their website RAINN promotes policies that help to prevent sexual assault and improve sexual assault services. Advocacy includes information, email campaigns, and links to other avenues to support sexual assault victims.

  • Information and referral

    Through the online hotline, RAINN volunteers provide information about legal and medical issues related to sexual assault. They also have access to a national database of local services to which they can refer visitors for crisis or ongoing services.

  • Counseling

    RAINN volunteers provide crisis counseling and supportive counseling through the online hotline.

  • Mandatory reporting

    RAINN is a mandatory reporter in cases of child abuse through sexual assault, physical assault or exploitation.

Answer the questions below

  • How easy is it to navigate the RAINN website? Can you find what you are looking for?

  • What elements of the RAINN website inspire your trust/confidence? What elements might make you cautious?

  • What information does RAINN provide about privacy and confidentiality? How easy is this information to find?

  • How might a social worker involved with RAINN simultaneously work to increase access to the services to those in need, while also working to address policies that may limit access to private computers, and therefore force some individuals to use public computers to interface with RAINN?

  • How could you, as a social worker in this organization, use your practice experience to engage in policy debates seemingly unrelated to social workólike those surrounding the digital divide? How could RAINN build alliances with other advocates and sectors, in order to advocate for just access to these online resources?

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My Intervene Tasks

Review the RAINN Website. How easy is it to navigate? How engaging is the website?

Review RAINN FAQ. How clear is the information? What information about RAINN might be included to better clarify RAINN interventions and services?

Take the RAINN tour. How well would it help you to understand the online hotline? Would you consider referring someone to the online hotline? Why?