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Explore the Town

Riverton Town Map

Study the map of the Riverton community and the locations of interest. Note the proximities and distances between the homes of the key players or organizations. This might give you an idea about some of the barriers (and advantages) in accessing certain resources. Place any notes about what you observe in your notebook for future reference.

Understanding your neighborhood and surroundings

  • Alvadora Neighborhood

    You live here. Alvadora is an older neighborhood, dotted with large oak and maple trees. Many of the homes here are considered “starter” homes, because they are relatively small, and in need of some repair. About sixty years ago, Alvadora and (what is now) Glenwood were the only neighborhoods in town. As a result, the local public elementary and high schools are true “neighborhood” schools. There are two old churches in the area, one of which is Catholic and houses a parochial school. This church also runs a soup kitchen, serving lunches five days a week. There is a community center at the edge of the neighborhood, where kids gather to play basketball.

  • Glenwood Neighborhood

    Contiguous neighborhood, centrally located. Glenwood has a large, mixed-use neighborhood in its center. Well designed lofts and condominiums are interspersed with high-end retail stores and locally-owned restaurants. About twenty years ago, this area of the neighborhood was high-crime and high-blight. Developers targeted the area for gentrification, and that project has been very successful. About five years ago, these local merchants asked for, and received, increased police surveillance because customers were complaining about the frequent requests for money from “street people.”

  • Exeter Neighborhood, South

    Of all the areas in Riverton, Exeter is the least developed, although the expectation is that, over time, it will be. Residents of Exeter must drive their children a minimum of three miles into town to attend elementary school because the buses do not go out that far. A grocery store, hospital, and fire station are a little more than a mile away. A number of the residents who moved out here did so to “get away” from the increasing density of the other neighborhoods in Riverton.

  • East Heights Neighborhood, to the East of Alvadora

    East Heights is a “bedroom” community: many of the people here are commuters who work in the large city of La Grande, about thirty miles away. In fact, many of the families are two-income families, with one working in La Grande and the other in Riverton, making East Heights a central location. East Heights residents take advantage of what both Riverton and La Grande have to offer.

  • Overland Neighborhood, North

    The North neighborhood was developed about twenty-five years ago to accommodate a demand for newer, more modern homes by a growing middle class. These homes went up relatively quickly and thus have somewhat similar appearance in terms of maintenance and “curb appeal”: the growing trees are well-maintained, but unable to provide much shade in the summer. Almost every house is a “modern” ranch, with some variation in size, garage location, color, etc. A retail outlet mall, a shopping center, a public elementary and high school, and a main thoroughfare (called “franchise alley” by residents) all co-exist in Overland.

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Town Color Key

Red=Businesses, Orange=Homes, Green=Support Organizations, Blue=Schools, Yellow=Government Buildings, Purple=You

Explore the Sociogram

Review the community sociogram for the town of Riverton to see sources of conflict and support