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Step 1: Goals and Needs

Create an intervention plan.

Celia Sanchez

Answer the following questions as they pertain to Celia.

  • What are the long-term goals of this client, in order of importance? Focus on the first one first.

  • What resources will be required? Include both the formal and informal resources you defined earlier, as well as additional resources that do not appear on the town map or in the case files.

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Celia's Quick Bio

Celia Sanchez, 46 years old, is married to Hector and is the mother of Junior, Emilia, Vicki, Gloria, Alejandro, and Carmen. She emigrated from Mexico to this country, arriving shortly after Hector. However, the Mexican and Mexican-American community has been so central to her everyday life that learning to speak English has not been as necessary for her as it has been for other members of her family. Although Celia realizes that learning to speak English might make life a bit easier, she simply has not gone to the classes. She tried to increase her comprehension by watching television, but the Spanish-speaking channel is much more enjoyable for her.