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Step 5: Coalitions

Create an intervention plan.

Carla Washburn

Answer the following questions as they pertain to Carla. Make sure to consider the relationships and coalitions identified in the client's ecomap and case file.

  • Who or what else is critical to accomplishing this goal? What role do they play in the client’s life? What is the likely response, and if it is negative, what can you and the client do to overcome this barrier?

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Carla's Quick Bio

Carla Washburn is a 76-year-old African-American woman who has been widowed for the last fifteen years. She lives alone in Plainville, a small town in the Northwest. Her small home is in a neighborhood that has been steadily deteriorating ever since the paper mill–the city's largest employer–went out of business four years ago. Carla and her husband were both employed at the mill until their respective retirements. Carla receives a small pension and Social Security. Unfortunately, the recent economic downturn has put the mill's pension fund in serious jeopardy.